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Diamond Certified Customer Reviews


The Diamond Certified Customer Satisfaction designation is based upon over 365 random customer surveys made since March 2002, when asking each customer: “Would you use this company again?”

I have recommended SureShred many times. They are very accommodating, friendly, and very respectful. The one guy we have on a regular basis, is awesome.  If I maintain a certain number of boxes, they even give me a little discount. They are very responsive and know what they are doing.

- A.S.

“It’s a very convenient service and the price is very reasonable. They’re right on time, and they schedule you in right away, so you don’t have to wait a long time for them to come out to do the work.   I liked their efficiency, the price, and that they did an outstanding job. They were lifesavers and are perfect the way they are.”

- Diane W.

“I really like the technology used by SureShred, it is so clean and fast. You don’t have to worry about documents being taken away and not shredded. They are very clean and very professional.  I have a lot of confidential data and knowing that it is done and done correctly is important to me. Everything was on site, and they didn’t take things away. They met my schedule.”

- C.W.F.C.

“SureShred will come to your house or office and you can watch them shred the papers in front of you.  I like the fact that they did it all in front of me.”

- Steve H

SureShred is dependable, and they keep their promises. I like that they just leave a box here; when we need to have it picked up, we just call them and don’t have to have a specific, on-going schedule with them. We do very little shredding, so it works well for us.

- A.P.

Working with SureShred is very convenient.  They come, they take it, and you see what they are doing.  They never leave us with any mess to clean up.  

- B.E.S.

“I’ll never call another shredding company. I always tend to put things off. They will actually call me, let me know that they will be in my area, and ask me if I want them to come pick anything up. They are a joy to work with and I completely trust them.  I think they are perfect. I felt safe. I felt like they weren’t going to steal my information. I felt confident in their work. “

Dottie M.

SureShred’s service is cost-effective and reliable.  We just call them periodically when we’ve accumulated a box full of confidential materials that need to be shredded.

- B.W.T.S.


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