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Archive Document Shredding Service

  • At your home or business, your proprietary records never leave your control until they are destroyed.  The shredded material is returned to our plant where it is baled then shipped to a paper mill for recycling.
  • Our On-Site Mobile Shred Trucks are in most parts of the Bay Area two days per week and we can frequently accommodate same day service.
  • Pricing is volume based with no fuel surcharges.
  • Don’t ever worry about removing staples, paper clips or any other document binding device.  They are no problem for our shredders.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided after each shredding service.
  • Paper or document shredding is not everything we do.  We can also shred hard drives or just about any information retaining media.

Residential Paper Shredding

  • For only $96, we come to your home and shred the equivalent of up to 12 file storage boxes.  Your material does not need to be in boxes.
  • If you have only a modest amount of records needing shredding, you can drop them off at our plant in Hayward.  For only $24, we will shred the equivalent of up to 4 file storage boxes.  We are located at 3166 Diablo Avenue; just off Clawiter Road near the San Mateo Bridge.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided after each shredding service.

Scheduled Container Shredding

  • Most documents containing your private information are not archived or retained.  Every day we either receive or produce an enormous amount of paper which we do not want discarded into the public domain.  For this circumstance, SureShred will place our secure collection containers in your business then return on a set schedule which meets your individual needs and shred the contents of the containers On-Site.
  • Your material is destroyed before we leave your location.
  • For scheduled service customers we do not charge for the use of our containers.
  • SureShred offers a variety of lockable collection containers to fit your needs.  By far, the most popular is the Executive Console which holds up to 100 pounds of paper and fits into most office environments.
  • Our shredding service can be set up on a 1 to 12 week schedule frequency.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided after each shredding service.

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